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      About Michael

      Executive Vice President of Gibson Sotheby's International Realty, Michael Carucci has been one of the most trusted names in the Boston real estate market for more than 30 years.

      Michael is one of Boston's highest producing agents and is consistently ranked in the top 1% in sales volume for the Greater Boston area. He is a recognized expert in the residential and commercial Boston real estate market and is regularly quoted in articles, appearing in the Boston Globe, Boston Herald, Boston Business Journal, and Banker & Tradesman. He is also a contributing editor for Boston Common Magazine...

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      Michael's Testimonials

      Michael represented me on both the sale of my home and the purchase of a new one that better suited my family. Michael’s execution was flawless and I would highly recommend him for any of [...]

      Michael is knowledgable, patient, and professional. If you’re considering a sale or purchase, I recommend Michael Carucci.

      Michael Carucci's knowledge, advice, and guidance of the property market is extraordinary. Coupled with Michael's genuine concern for the welfare of the family in a stressful [...]

      "Michael is a star broker. By that, I mean he brings buyers and sellers together and makes deals happen. Both parties leave the closing table happy. He knows everybody and everybody knows him. [...]

      Michael did a great job closing the deal for us per my specific requests. He is very responsive - he always picks up the phone when I call him. I highly recommend him.

      "What sets Michael apart from other brokers is his attitude that the job doesn't stop when the ink dries on the closing papers. He was a tremendous help when my family and [...]

      Working with Michael is always a pleasure. Whether on a residential sale or purchase, or a larger multi-family or retail transaction, you know that your interests are being looked after by one of [...]

      Michael has an exceptional ability to uncover opportunities in an otherwise very competitive market. His follow through and execution make all the difference.

      Blog :: 02-2015

      Massachusetts Real Estate Sales Challenged by Record Breaking Weather

      It's still too soon to predict the long-term effect that record breaking snowfall will have on Massachusetts and New England Real Estate sales. Predictably, the impact has been felt this winter as snowfall increased and sales decreased. Challenges with weather related damage, plowing, staging, travel, parking or moving have certainly had a chilly effect on the market. Factor in a month's worth of back to back weekend storms with school cancellations and you've got unprecedented climate influence. Some say the weather has brought new opportunity to buyers while others feel the limited inventory has driven up prices creating a seller's market. We can all agree with Group Boston Real Estate President, Michael Carucci that "getting homes shown this winter is daunting.".  


      So, will the thaw of Spring heat up our market? Opinions, as fickle as the weather, predict that this past Winter will bring a Spring "flurry" of activity from sellers waiting out the weather to list their homes, and buyers who have been unable to logistically view present inventory. One can hope that like our weather, "record breaking" activity will help recover a frozen market. 



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        Damn Those Ice Dams

        For many Bostonian's it's been a hellish month of back to back snowstorms, historical snowfall and record breaking cold. Residents are grappling with subzero temperatures, unprecedented traffic jams, unreliable public transportation and home damage. If that is not enough, ice dams have now become a major headache. It's a much talked about, searched about, trending topic. For many, this situation has suddenly introduced them to a myriad of treatments, quick-fixes, and preventions, all of which are time-consuming and costly. The Governor of Massachusetts has publicly empathized as he admits that he too, is struggling with this problem at his home.



        Hardware stores are sold out of treatment products and for weary homeowners, the daily workout routine has been breaking away ice from their homes. The tremendous amount of home damage claims originating from New England has prompted Liberty Mutal Insurance to issue a statement regarding the pending weekend weather report and suggested precautionary actions regarding ice dams and roof collapse.

        Be safe, be warm. 




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          Surreptitiously Delicious

          The New Times just ran an article entitled: "Towers of Secrecy: Stream of Foreign Wealth Flows To Elite New York Real Estate", which listed secret owners, including New England Patriot's Quarterback, Tom Brady, among other public figures of celebrity status. From this, spun a secondary Boston Globe article entitled " Brady's 'Secret Money' Is Part of NYC Tradition".  

          Sounds scandalous doesn't it? 

          Yet, hold on a minute. Let's take a look at this. Yes, there are many bad people out there clandestinely hiding their identity behind "straw ownership" for illegal purposes, but we cannot conclude that this is a motivating factor for everyone. There are many compelling arguments to remain anonymous for reasons of privacy, estate planning, and safety of themselves, and others. Case in point, the above mentioned Tom Brady. Mr. & Mrs. Tom Brady are listed as one of Forbes Richest Couples in the World. In this lightning speed, digitally invasive and compromised, paparazzi stalking world, would it be a good idea for this power couple to make their identity known to the public?  If you were to live in this building, how happy would you be to have the media camped out front, hungrily waiting for a glimpse of them or their children? As parents, would you want your children subjected to the public risks of celebrity stalking or worse yet, kidnapping? Like it or not, we live in a world where evil does exist, privacy must be protected and judgment should be exercised.

          Our legal definition of right to privacy is interpreted like this: "The right to privacy is the right to be let alone in the absence of some "reasonable" public interest in a person's activities, like those of celebrities OR participants in newsworthy events." Well, given that these names are "newsworthy" enough to be used as examples in these articles, I can't help but wonder, what is the "reasonable public interest" here and does it exceed reasonable common sense. Seems Tom Brady's Secret Money, Is Not So Secret Anymore. 



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            New England Patriots Keep Us Warm


            Sandwiched between a blizzard and a major snowstorm was a warm distraction called the SuperBowl. The timing was near perfect. We got dug out, we got refocused, we stockpiled snacks, drinks and Superbowl favorites, and settled in for a fabulous, heart thumping evening of SuperBowl. All while the next storm loomed on our doorsteps. 

            The game at best was as unpredictable as our weather and anyones' to win. Yet our team delivered ! They fought, they won, they did their job and they made us proud. Happy fans went to sleep, content, full and exhilarated! Like this last storm, they delivered! 

            Well, here we are again. Digging out, trudging on, dealing with historical snowfall and yet again the focus shifts. We're readying for a celebration in grand style honoring the team that warms our hearts! Shout it from a snow bank. Who cares about a little snow, we've got a parade to plan.

            Thank you New England Patriots for an amazing season.